Flight #304 SLC-->HKG

I believe traveling has more to do with your perspective on the culture you’re visiting than the amount of countries you've visited. 

As we are about to embark on this new adventure here in china, we are excited to really indulge ourselves into this new culture and explore all that China has to offer. My wife and I will be teaching English at a local school down south in Zhongshan. We hope to become close to these little kids and learn from them and put forth all the experiences that they have to offer. Preparing for this trip abroad has been tough stuff with our nerves pilling up and the stories we've heard that secretly make us want to back out at times.

5 things no one really tells you about living abroad.

The movies have it all wrong!!

Moving abroad is hard and very challenging to transition in. Modern media has romanticized traveling and living overseas, making it seem both effortless and easy, when in reality, it can be the hardest transition ever. The movies rarely talk about the hard times, and they make it look so natural when the reality is, unfamiliar territory is a lot harder than it seems. Culture shock hits hard, lack of sleep hits harder, food is terrible, and an unknown language is the most frustrating part!

So Cheers to the upcoming 23 hour flight sitting in the back of the plane squeezed in-between the two smelliest, largest people there is! Cheers to standing in customs at the airport while you miss your connecting flight. Bring on the mandarin language as we meander our way to find directions to our new apartment. Pull out the oxygen masks as we breathe in the world’s most polluted air.

But in reality these upcoming moments will be the best and most memorable.  We can’t wait to experience it all. Bring it on China we are coming for you! 


                                                           Hong Kong's polluted air. 

                                                           Hong Kong's polluted air.