This is a very special featured episode. 

It doesn't follow the usual structure of unveiling as it is footage from Week 7, but this footage deserves a video all its own for the viewer to properly experience it. You'll understand why shortly.

Please take the time.

- Sarah

Music: Farewell by Yiruma


The weekend before last I had the pleasure of being able to visit Kraków, Poland. A city untouched by the bombings of WWII and preserved in its former glory. 

We did a lot of WWII touring (Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II - Birkenau, and the Schindler Factory), so to give this part of our experience its proper dedication I have decided to split the video for this week into two parts. One highlighting the modernity in such a beautifully preserved city and one looking into WWII in Poland.

Starting with the former, get ready to rock.

- Sarah

Music: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes


Here's an invitation to experience a life outside the city and on the opposite side of the Emerald Isle. A life simply put. 

Congrats on the win boys! #COYBIG

- Sarah

Music: Welcome Home by Radical Face


After a week of computer drama, I am finally ready to re-live a lovely fourth weekend.

Cheers to two videos in four days! See you again on Wednesday ;)

- Sarah

Music: Brand New by Ben Rector



I reached today confused and lost regarding what kind of video to create. 

I've spent the past week tossing and turning over not wanting to create the same thing that I have already created, but also not wanting these videos to be useless fluff. They are meant to be an experience of this adventure.

Against all odds, as I began to look at the things that I did this past week, I found a story that perfectly matched the experience we had. 

Sometimes you just have to let the story tell itself.

- Sarah

Music: Dream by Priscilla Ahn


In recovery from last week's whirlwind, you'll notice that this week my lens took a great departure from chaos and excitement. 

I beg you not to go in with any expectations. 

Go to a quiet space. Think about that one place you've been that you always go back to in your mind. Close your eyes for a moment. Take a breath. And press play. 

This video is an expression of experience and can only be understood if received by the full attention of the audience. 

Just let the wave crash over you.

- Sarah

Music: Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

Beyond Sight and Sound

As a video production intern, my experience is not solely words, images, and sounds, it is elements, context, space.


Its best medium is a video.


So here is a series of words, images, sounds, elements, context, and space over the next 12 weeks.

Some will be full videos, some will be clips.

They are my thoughts and experience.

Look through the lens beyond just sight and sound.

- Sarah


Music: Good Life by OneRepublic