Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Hinckley interns and hopefuls! Or anyone who happened to stumble upon this blog.

My name is Mary and I am currently doing an internship for the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am excited to start working and share some bits and pieces of my experience with anyone who's interesting in reading my blurbs! I plan on sharing little odds and ends of my experiences at the Embassy, perhaps sharing a few tips should you be interested in applying for an internship with the State Department or perhaps even working for them in the future.

I thought it would be appropriate to start off this blog with just a little information about me, the internship I am doing, as well as things I think people will take the time to read.

First off, my name is Mary, as you can tell from the title of this blog, and I am a Senior at the U. I am dual majoring in International Studies and Health, Society, and Policy and will hopefully be a college graduate by this time next year! I have been traveling since I was in kindergarten and have caught the bug, so to speak. I hope to never stop traveling and that's partly why I decided to go into global public health.

This is not my first time interning with the State Department as I have been doing so since I was 16 in high school. I've gotten to work in a variety of offices and locations and have enjoyed all of my experiences. 

As I go through my internship I will add little bits and pieces of my experience here as well as the occasional picture or two and hopefully by doing so, will be able to help anyone interested in pursuing this kind of internship opportunity.