Trekking across the country to land 225 miles away from New York so close to New Year’s Eve meant only one thing: we were heading to New York. If you recall from DC or Bust, the first night in our new place we were up until 1:30 am unpacking and repacking just to be up at 5:00 am to head to Union Station.

Being in New York on New Year’s Eve was an original item on my personal bucket list.  The chance to make it happen was amazing. The bus ride to NY was about five hours. I used most of it to catch up on sleep as well as prepare for the night ahead of us. Once in New York, we immediately took on the New York food scene with the classic New York style pizza. I must say it was a great choice. With high expectations, there was bound to be a letdown but it was everything we were told it would be.

In typical fashion, it took only a few minutes for Allie to understand the subway system and actually advise others of where to go.  We traveled to the financial district and checked in to a Double Tree (best warm cookies checking into a hotel ever) and made our plan.

We headed down to Central Park for a stroll, watched skaters on the ice and ducks in the pond, and spent time enjoying the surprisingly empty park. After our park adventure, we headed down towards Times Square and managed to get about two blocks on the side of the Times Square ball. After taking in several celebrations of world new years, we caught the subway back to our hotel. Tired and cold, it was not hard at all to fall asleep.

The next day, we set out early to take in New York. We spent several hours in remembrance at the 9/11 memorial and museum.

Explored Chinatown and Old Italy where we had lunch

Took in a beautiful night view of the city from the Empire State Building

And stopped at Keen’s, full of signed pipes it was the first meeting place for female PT’s, for the classic New York Cheese Cake.

January 2- it was time to wrap up all of our travels and head home to (we can’t believe it) DC. This didn’t stop us from enjoying the rush of Times Square, taking in an authentic Irish pub, and watching the talents of a spray-paint artist while waiting for our bus. 

It’s been seven days. Allie and I have traveled through 14 States and the District of Columbia, experienced as much of New York as any traveler can get in two and a half days, and we still have a weekend of unpacking and apartment set up to get through before my internship and Allie’s physical therapy clinical begin.

DC or Bust

January 27, 2014 Allie and I set out on a cross country road trip to Washington DC. In DC, I have an internship with Congressman Jason Chaffetz while Allie has her first of three 15 week clinicals in Locust Grove, Virginia. This post will cover the time we spent in the car.

Day 1: Salt Lake City to Denver

The 50 MPH wind gusts and -2° temperatures through Wyoming made this day the hardest.

At the advice of Megan M., we started the podcast Serial. The intense story filled our speakers for several hours. After finishing three of the episodes, we decided to pace ourselves. Today’s conclusion, Adnan is innocent.

Highlight of the day: spending time with Rich and Monica in Denver, getting amazing Mexican at La Loma, spending quality time with Sawyer Brown, and hitting our Denver must Pete’s Kitchen.

Day 2: Denver to Kansas City, MO.

Hay! Bundles of hay with a few anti-abortion and church billboards is all there was to Kansas’ I-70 this time of year.

Serial: Three more episodes in and Adnan’s situation is questionable. Neither of us can decide how to feel.

Highlight of the day: Getting out of Kansas and Kansas City BBQ.


Day 3: Kansas City, MO to Lexington, KY

Four states in one day: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Alright, so most of those were in the dark since the sun is setting at 4ish every day. We did spend several hours as tourists in St Louis. Since this was the first time on the ground next to the Mississippi River, we had to touch it. We added cruise on the Mississippi to our must do list.

Serial: Episodes 7-9 added more questions both against and for Adnan. Things just don’t make sense.

Highlight of the Day: standing under the St. Louis Arch. The Gateway to the west is an amazing architectural feature. It was exciting to go right up to it.


Day 4: Lexington to Washington DC.

Another day filled with states. This day offered the most amazing views of sunrise and sunset, wilderness, forests, farmland, swamps, and natural resource excavating. Getting into DC was confusing and chaotic. A number of roads were shut down by police and Susan, the GPS, didn’t take us the most efficient way. We resorted to the good old paper map that, thank goodness, we brought.

Serial: Finished Season 1…WTH? I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t started or finished it, but if you have or when you do finish, let’s talk. Also watch “Funny or Die Serial” on Youtube.

Highlight: Getting to our apartment. After four days in a car and sleeping in hotels, it was comforting to know we were going to be here for the long haul. After unpacking necessities, we repacked a bag and got into bed.

It took us four days to travel with some exciting and not so exciting moments. We started out an adventure of adventures. It’s December 30th at 1:10 am and we will be up at 5 am to hop a Megabus to New York for New Years or as I like to say NYE in NYC. This is where we’ll pick up next time.