Yep. That's right. I'm hooked. And I did not fully realize it until now.

"To what?" you may ask.

I shall tell you a story:

Last week I attempted to set up Outlook on my laptop. For those who do not know, Outlook is a Windows email platform. That's right, I have a Windows, and I'm proud of it. These days it's almost like coming out of the closet... "You have a Windows? I don't think we can still be friends." That's okay, I didn't like you anyway.

Back to the story. So Outlook did not work due to a hardware issue, so I restarted Microsoft Office. Then, a few days later, my internet driver started going in and out of consciousness. I tried CPR and everything, but it went back under.

After FOUR trips to see the magic man--this awesome Asian guy in a tiny computer shop in Chinatown--I got a wireless USB Wi-Fi thingy. So I ran home to see if it would work. (I actually did run, right down the light-rail line).

Holy mother of blessed amazement... INTERNET! I was high, still high, as I write this to you. The insanity that I have been experiencing for the last three days wondering if I would have to ship my laptop back to the states and be out of commission for a week or two, all vanished in about three point seven seconds. Poof. Then a blast of dopamine so strong I thought I could fly.

What a strange existence it is in the modern world, where being disconnected for a few hours at a time, or days in my case, can turn our lives upside down.

For now I will stay addicted. I kind of have to with work and all--like most of us.



Yesterday, on my way into the local grocery store near my place, I saw a young guy about my age sitting on the ground in front of the escalator. Odd, I thought. Maybe he was briefly waiting for someone.

After my shopping I came out and he was still there, so I went over and sat next to him to say a quick hello. He told me his name, and revealed he was homeless; A rough childhood he said. White gauze was wrapped around his left hand. In his lap were two bags of gumballs, and he was shoving the contents of the first one into his pockets. They were to help him wean off of smoking.

Our conversation was brief, as the situation was strange, and I did not want to pry into his life. From the little I gathered, though, his situation was rather dire, and provided an eye opener to the lives some people live.

On my way home I thought about how strange it was that someone about my age--a young man--could be sitting on the cement outside a shopping complex waiting for his friends (who were presumably stealing), then head off to find somewhere to sleep, which he said changes each night.

I asked if I could give him some of the food I bought, and he accepted indifferently. It was the best I could do.

That experience--a mere blip in the timeline of my life--made me think about how different each of our situations are--from the spoiled offspring of wealthy business people, to myself, working hard at succeeding in my unpaid internship, to the young homeless man without a place to call home.



If only I had time to take a picture.

So I am sitting in my room at my place in Sydney, mere minutes ago, and I hear loud music coming from outside. It gets louder and louder, and I hear people cheering and screaming. So I get up and run out onto the balcony and look down at the street below... And what do I see?

A fire truck filled with about 15 people on the top, where the hoses would be, dancing to music and slow lights. WTF! Just cruisin' down the city streets on a Friday night, enjoying themselves to the brim. Probable a private party or something.

If any of you know me well enough, you will know that I absolutely love fire engines. Always have--since forever. My parents threw a fire engine party for me when I was younger, where she organized one to come over and we got to climb all over it. And I interned with the fire department in high school. I really love the whole package--the action, the sirens, the lights, the cool rough-and-tough stuff you get to do as a fireman.

So when I saw that fire engine filled with party animals drive suave down the street outside, I realized how perfect it was. Everything amazing in one place.

Thank you Universe for providing me with ideas for my future parties.